Linear cylinders

Linear actuators – indispensable components in linear drive technology

Linear actuators can be put to many different uses in linear drive technology. There range of applications is virtually unlimited. Whether in ventilation or air-conditioning equipment, in plant and machine construction, in building technical services or in assembly halls – linear actuators are used wherever linear movements have to be executed. 

Specific customer applications have given rise to different linear actuators. This variety is now available to you. We would be delighted to advise you so that we can offer you the best possible solution from our company. Our application advisors can be reached on +49-(0)7261/92630.


How does the linear actuator work?

An electric motor drives a threaded spindle via a gearbox. On this spindle sits a nut with a trapezoidal or ball screw thread which drives to and fro. The nut in turn drives a plunger rod – and the linear actuator is complete. 

Linear Actuator JC60DN

Linear Actuator JC60DN